Orcas Fire responds to wildland fire, reminder to public that burning is closed

Orcas Fire responded Sunday to reports of a wildland fire that resulted from a residential burn pile spreading out of control after a fuel can that was being used to accelerate the fire ignited.

The small wildland fire was extinguished quickly. The homeowner then received education against using accelerants and was further reminded that residential and commercial burning has closed for the season.

“The use of accelerants to light a fire is extremely dangerous and can result in severe burns – or worse – to the individual or others near the fire. It can also contribute to a dangerous extension of the fire to surrounding areas resulting in potential loss of property and life,” stressed Chief Williams.

Please do not use accelerants to start fires.

Recreational campfires remain open at this time and include attended fires consisting of clean, dry firewood up to three feet in diameter built on bare soil, gravel, or in a fire pit. Recreational fires should be located a safe distance from structures and have a charged hose or 5-gallon bucket of water nearby to assist with extinguishing. Marshmallows are also recommended.

Stay safe and burn smart!

For more information on burning in San Juan County, visit the Fire Marshal’s website at https://www.sanjuanco.com/1088/Fire-Marshal

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