Our Fire Stations

Station 21: Eastsound

Station 21 is the core of our organization and serves as our Headquarters. It is the base for Fire Apparatus, Emergency Medical Services, and the district’s Maintenance Shop. Built in 2001, Station 21 is located across from the airport at 45 Lavender Lane, Eastsound, Washington. Station 21 is staffed 24 hours a day with a Paramedic and offers sleeping quarters for four. The Eastsound station’s response area stretches from the map corner to Ships Bay.

Our Public Meeting Room is available for non-profit events. It also serves as the training facility for all OIFR classroom and practical training events. The room is equipped with audio/visual equipment and can accommodate up to 88 people. Near the rear entrance of the facility is a memorial garden to honor our beloved members who have passed away.

Apparatus housed at this station
  • 1999 Spartan Gladiator Engine with a 1000-gallon capacity and Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS)
  • 2008 Ford W.A.S.P. Engine
  • 2008 Ford F550 Rescue Truck with technical rescue capabilities, including vehicle extrication and rope rescue
  • 2003 Ford Brush Engine with 300-gallon water tank and 15-gallon Class A foam tank
  • 2019 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ford/Braun Northwest F450 four wheel drive fully equipped aid unit
  • 2007 Advanced Life Support (ALS) Ford/MedTec F450 four wheel drive fully equipped aid unit

Station 22: West Sound

Station 22 was originally located next to West Sound Café, but later moved to 78 Deer Harbor Road, between Orcas Landing and Deer Harbor.

In 2011, Orcas Island Fire & Rescue bought the West Sound Station, which serves the West Sound Community, Mt. Wollard, Turtleback and Crow Valley areas. This two-bay station was built in 1988.

Apparatus housed at this station
  • 2008 WASP Engine
  • 2007 Sterling FiroVac Vacuum Water Tanker, which carries 2600 gallons of water and can refill in less than four minutes.

Station 23: Rosario

Station 23 is located at 53 Firehouse Lane, just off Rosario Road. It was built in 1972 by the Rosario Resort’s then-owner Gil Geiser, with the understanding that if he built the station, we would provide the apparatus and manpower. It was reportedly built from the same plans as Crescent Gas Station in Eastsound.

Station 23 was deeded to the district in 1979 and covers Rosario, the Highlands, Palisades, and the majority of Moran State Park.

Apparatus housed at this station
  • 1997 International Navistar 4900, 1000-gallon with a mid-ship pump
  • 2007 Sterling FiroVac Vacuum Water Tanker, which carries 2600 gallons of water and can refill in less than four minutes.

Station 24: Deer Harbor/Spring Pt.

The Deer Harbor Community and Firefighters built the original Deer Harbor Station in 1972. The new station, built in 2012, is located at 59 Channel Road in Deer Harbor.

Station 24 covers Deer Harbor and Spring Point, plus the Massacre Bay and Pole Pass areas. It also offers mutual aid to Crane Island.

Apparatus housed at this station
  • 2009 WASP Engine
  • Basic Life Support Aid Response Unit
Station 25

Station 25: Olga/Obstruction Pass

This two-bay station is located at 267 Obstruction Pass Road, adjacent to the Olga community. District Firefighter Mike Macksey built Station 25 in 1994 to replace an old brush engine shed, once located in the Obstruction Pass Resort parking lot.

This station’s response area includes the area just south of Moran State Park to Pioneer Hill Road, off of Pt. Lawrence Rd, which includes Obstruction Pass to Olga.

Apparatus housed at this station:
  • 2005 Seagraves Compressed Air Foam Fire Engine
  • 2001 Basic Life Support (BLS) Ford E450 Super Duty Apparatus

Station 26: Orcas

Station 26 is located at 1163 Killebrew Lake Road, east of Orcas Landing. Peter Whittier gifted the land in 1981 and Steve Lewis built the 2-bay station in 1982.

The Orcas response area is from the Orcas Landing to the 2700 block of Dolphin Bay Road, which includes Victorian Valley, the south side of Mt. Woolard, Guthrie Cove and the southwest shore of Eastsound.

Apparatus housed at this station:

Station 27: Doe Bay

Station 27 is located at 3634 Pt. Lawrence Road. The Doe Bay community built the fire station in 1969 with financial support by the school and Fire District.

Station 27 serves the Doe Bay and Eagle Lake communities, and also serves as the Doe Bay Community Center.

Apparatus housed at this station:
  • 2008 WASP Quick Attack Engine

Did you know?

The first new apparatus ever purchased by the district; a 1966 Ford front-mount, 1000-gallon fire engine; is still on Orcas Island. The Orcas Island Volunteer Firefighter Association purchased the engine from the district for one dollar. While no longer in service, the engine can be seen during parades and other community events. When not on display, it resides at station 26 in Orcas.

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