Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Orcas Island Fire & Rescue (OIFR) is proud to announce a Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) Pilot Program, a new program that will support OIFR's EMS system to assist in caring for patients on a non-emergent basis within the community.

MIH is an extension of EMS that will enhance a patient's overall health and wellbeing by bridging gaps between acute and routine medical and behavioral care, including a return to their customary lifestyle after hospitalization to prevent re-admissions. This pilot program will involve a select group of medical providers with specialized training, working under the direction of the program medical director for OIFR.

MIH Program

The MIH Program, through collaboration with community and county partners, will enhance existing healthcare systems and/or resources by providing cohesive, patient-centered care coordination to ensure access to appropriate services in a timely manner.

The MIH Program will work in coordination with:

  • Primary care and hospitals
  • Home care and hospice agencies
  • Social Services
  • Community Resources
  • Behavioral Health Services

Our Services

  • Education about medical conditions and discharge instructions
  • Medication education and review to ensure health and safety
  • Home health assessments/wellness checks
  • Hospice assessment
  • Fall risk assessment and prevention

Program Target Populations

Frequent Falls
Perform in-home safety assessments and fall prevention education.

Post-Hospital Discharge Care
The MIH program will provide a wellness check to include a review of medication and post-discharge instruction clarification in your home shortly after hospitalization.

Chronic Diseases
The MIH Program will provide specific education and management to patients for the prevention of hospital re-admission.

Non-Emergent Mental Health / Substance Abuse
The MIH Program will attempt to identify patients who would be better served through community resources outside the emergency department.

Frequently Asked Questions

The MIH model is a portion of healthcare that uses patient-centered, mobile resources that are integrated with healthcare and social services available within the community.

Q: Does the MIH Program replace resources such as home health or primary care physicians?
No; MIH is an extension of a primary care provider and does not replace any specialized services, such as home health care or hospice.

Q: What services are available through the MIH Program?
The MIH Program offers a patient-centered approach to in-home care that includes clear goals set by you and your MIH Provider for an agreed-upon timeframe. For a complete listing of services contact us.

Q: How do I request MIH services?
Ask your physician or medical provider or call us to find out more information.

Q: Is the quality of care compromised by using an MIH provider versus a primary care provider?
No. An MIH Provider offers coordinated care under the supervision of your physician.

Substance Use Information

Washington State's Good Samaritan Law with Center for Opioid Safety Education (Section 2.3 [e])

It Starts with One (Public Awareness Program)

Syringe Exchange Program (The closest location is Whatcom County Syringe Program, Bellingham)

NARCAN Education

  • Questions about MIH?

For more information about MIH or if you have any questions about the program, please contact us using this form:

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