Board of Fire Commissioners

Kathryn Hansen, Seat #1

Kate was elected to the OIFR Board in November 2023 to complete an unexpired 2-year term.

A third-generation islander on both sides of her family, Kate has been serving on local boards for over 15 years. As a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) she has worked with businesses both on and off the island. And brings first-hand knowledge of Fire and EMS operations and governance, having served as a fire department administrator in King County.

Kate brings a lifelong dedication to, and understanding of, our rural island community. As a member of the OIFR Board, she hopes to foster responsible governance and sustainable fire and EMS services that meet the unique needs of our island, now and into the future.

Phone: 360.376.2396

Brian Ehrmantraut, Chair, Seat #2

Elected November 2023

Brian Ehrmantraut was elected to a four-year term in November 2023.  Brian moved full-time to Orcas in 1999 after a career in science and engineering in Silicon Valley to raise his daughter here in a more engaged and connected community. He has volunteered with OIFR since 2013, contributing as a structural firefighter, technical rescue and marine rescue/transport team member, and officer of the Orcas Island Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Association.

Over the past ~25 years, Brian has held other public service positions in the community, including San Juan County Planning Commissioner, Port of Orcas Commissioner, and member of the Eastsound Planning and Review Commission. He has also served as Trustee/Treasurer of the OPAL Community Land Trust,  founding member of the Salmonberry School, Board member and Treasurer of Childrens’ House, and President of the Eastsound Water Users Association. Additionally, he has served on the boards of the Orcas Family Health Center, the Orcas Highlands Association, and Lopez Island Vineyards.

Brian is dedicated to ensuring Orcas Island Fire & Rescue has stable funding, transparent governance, and a strong team of volunteers and professionals working to keep our community safe and healthy.

Phone: (360) 298-2476

Randall Gaylord, Seat #3

Elected November 2023

Randall Gaylord was elected to a six-year term in November 2023.   Mr. Gaylord served as the elected prosecuting attorney and coroner in San Juan County from January 1994 to December 2022.  As the “last of the first responders,”  Mr. Gaylord worked closely with first responders from Orcas Island Fire and Rescue as well as the other fire and emergency medical personnel throughout the county.

Mr. Gaylord raised two children at the public schools on Orcas Island, where his wife Marny was one of the elementary school teachers.

Mr. Gaylord hopes to build on the leadership of those who have previously served as commissioners and to bring to the commission his depth of knowledge of municipal governance to assure a stable future for Orcas Fire and Rescue.

Phone: 360-376-3076 (voice, no text)

Jim Biddick, Seat #4

Jim was appointed to the Orcas Fire Commission in March of 2023 and elected to complete the existing term and a 6-year term (ending 2030).

Born and raised in Detroit, after discharge from 6 years in the US Coast Guard, he relocated to San Jose, California, where he worked in the computer industry for more than 25 years. His last position was Director of Product Services in the 1990s. He earned his degree in education from San Jose State in 1972. Jim and his wife Sylvia discovered Orcas on their honeymoon in 1982, fell in love with the island, and bought a property in 1984 on the dark side of the mountain, Raccoon Point. After being laid off, Jim joined Sylvia in her educational practice and, for the next ten years, made use of his degree before deciding it was time to relocate to Orcas Island and start building in 2004.

Since being on the island, Jim has been active with the Orcas Island Lions Club, serving as President for two years and Treasurer for the last twelve years. Jim is also President and Treasurer for the 175-member Raccoon Point Road Maintenance Association, serves on the Board of the Raccoon Point Owners Association as the person in charge of road maintenance, offers free tax preparation service through the Lions Club and has organized the blood drive with Bloodworks and OIFR. He is looking forward to helping the Fire District meet its goals for the future and continuing to serve the Orcas Island Community.


Tim Fuller, Seat #5

Tim Fuller is retired from a 40-year career in public service, working for the Cities of Saint Paul, Minnesota and Redmond, Washington. Tim joined the Saint Paul Fire Department (SPFD) in 1971. He rose from firefighter and paramedic through various chief officer positions, including SPFD’s first Chief of Emergency Medical Services, and was president of one of SPFD’s unions. In 1991 Tim was appointed Fire Chief and led the department for twelve years. As Chief, he hired SPFD’s first women firefighters and also established a labor/management team to guide the development of SPFD’s first-ever five-year strategic plan.

In 2005, Tim was appointed Fire Chief for the City of Redmond Fire Department (RFD), leading the department until 2011. During this time, Tim also served as interim Chief of Police, while the City conducted its search to fill the position permanently. Tim returned to Redmond in 2012 to serve for approximately a year as the Director of Public Works.

He has served on the boards of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the National Fire Protection Association and currently serves as Vice President of the board of OPAL Community Land Trust.

Tim and his late wife Martha have been homeowners on Orcas Island since 2006 and became full-time Orcas Island residents in 2014. Tim completes his 6-year term in December of 2025.



To reach a Commissioner, send an email to or call 360-376-2331 ext. 2100 for the Board Secretary to relay your message.

Board Documents

Agendas, meeting minutes, resolutions, and other board documents can be accessed from our online repository.

Monthly Board Meeting

The Board of Fire Commissioners' (BOFC) regular meeting is held twice monthly at the Eastsound Fire Hall and is open to the public. Regular meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month at 3:00 pm. If the meeting falls on a holiday, it is moved to the following business day. Check our calendar for the most up-to-date information.

Board Documents

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