San Juan County Fire Chiefs urge fire safety

Dear Residents and visitors of San Juan County,

It is extremely important for all of us to know that throughout the San Juan Islands (San Juan County), the current Fire Danger level is High.

The following burn status applies only to privately-owned properties in San Juan County. Please note that other restrictions and guidelines are in place for public lands including The U.S. National Park Service; Department of Parks; the Washington State Department of Natural Resources; and Washington State Parks.

Your San Juan County Fire Districts are actively monitoring local conditions and currently, the County allows only recreational fires on private property. Recreational fires in San Juan County are defined as fires that are comprised of clean, dry firewood – not yard waste – in a fire ring or bowl that is no larger than three feet in diameter. Recreational fires may also be contained in a commercially available fire pit and may be liquid or gas-fueled, which is the recommended option.

Always have a water source on hand and be sure your recreational fire is “dead out” by drowning it with water, stirring, then drowning again.

Following direction from Governor Inslee’s Emergency Proclamation 21-10:

  • Recreational fires must have a five-foot perimeter around them which is clear of grass, weeds, moss, or other flammable vegetation.
  • Charcoal grills and liquid or gas-fueled stoves must also be over a non-flammable surface and at least five feet from flammable vegetation. Do Not have a Recreational fire if these conditions do not exist.
  • Burning refuse, plastic, and treated or painted wood is illegal and subject to fines. Burn barrels are not allowed at any time due to a prohibition by the Department of Ecology.

The fire danger rating and burn ban status can be viewed for each fire district on their local websites:

Current burn ban status for the State Parks can be found on the Washington State Parks site:

San Juan County Fire Districts urge you to be safe and responsible with Recreational fire activities. Enjoy your time with family and friends this summer!

This information is current as of July 12th, 2021. This information is subject to change during the month of July, please utilize your local fire district websites for updated Recreational fire/burn ban status prior to Recreational fire activities.

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