OIFR Volunteer Swearing-In Ceremony

New Wildland Firefighters, Structural Firefighters, EMTs, and our Volunteer Lieutenants were officially sworn in yesterday at the Board of Fire Commissioners meeting!
Fire Chief Holly vanSchaick and Board Chair Brian Ehrmantraut presented the oath to three (3) new Wildland Firefighters, ten (10) new Structural Firefighters, four (4) new EMTs, and our Volunteer Lieutenants. Taking any oath is a demonstration of moral commitment and shows humility and thoughtful consideration of our critical commitment to each other and our community. Taking an oath of service to the District is a powerful way to commit to these stated values and accept our common mission to other members and the community. In addition, an oath invokes a spiritual pact between the members and the citizens we serve. It finalizes the new member’s personal acceptance of their new role and responsibility. For veterans, the oath re-commits them to these same values. New Recruits who have successfully completed their basic training may take our service oath before their probation begins.
In addition to completing the Structural Fire Academy, 8 of the 10 new firefighters also completed the Wildland Academy to become Wildland Firefighters. This required three months of training and a commitment to continue to grow and learn. Our Wildland Firefighters completed their training this spring (2024) as well. The four new EMTs completed the EMT Academy in the spring of 2023. Not all of the new recruits and newly trained volunteers were able to join us but we thank them just the same. Help us congratulate all those who have given so much of their free time to the Orcas Island community.
Separately and together, we are Orcas Island Fire Department.
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