County Announces Ban on Recreational Fires in Unincorporated Areas of San Juan County

Recreational campfires, outdoor cooking, and oil-fueled products are all covered by the fire ban.

SAN JUAN COUNTY, WA. July 21, 2023 –The San Juan County Fire Marshal has declared a ban on all recreational fires after consultation with the San Juan County Fire Chiefs. Due to current atmospheric and field conditions, this ban on all recreational fires applies throughout unincorporated San Juan County.

  • The following operations are prohibited during the burn ban:
    • No recreational campfires using charcoal or firewood
    • No outdoor cooking fires involving charcoal or firewood
    • No Tiki torches or similar products with an open flame fueled by oil
  • The following operations are allowed with best practices followed:
    • Mowing is limited to no later than Noon 12 PM, and all mowing operations need to cease after 12 PM.
      • Maintain awareness for rock strikes; avoid mowing dry, dead grass
    • Propane-fueled appliances, i.e., BBQ, outdoor fireplace
      • Have water and/or a fire extinguisher available
    • Grinding/Welding/Torch Cutting outdoors
      • By permit only through the Fire Marshal’s Office
    • Outdoor shooting
      • Backstop must be clear of vegetation

Next stages:

If a RED FLAG WARNING is issued for San Juan County, all operations listed above are prohibited until the RED FLAG WARNING is over.
This declaration is in effect until atmospheric and field conditions no longer pose the threat of wildfire.

Any questions about this declaration should be submitted to Fire Marshal Chad Kimple at (360)378-3473 or email at

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