Air Medical Transport Options

Did you know there are three separate air resources for emergency medical transport from the islands? These include Airlift Northwest, Island Air, and LifeFlight. 

These agencies are membership-based agencies and we highly encourage households to obtain memberships with all three.

We utilize all three membership companies to transport patients. The decision for which company to select is based on the patient’s condition and treatment needs, availability of the air resource, and weather. While we take membership and patient preference into account, our first priority is to get you to the level of care that you need, and no guarantee is made that your preferred resource will be selected.

We cannot answer questions about membership options or coverage and encourage you to reach out to each service individually with your inquiries.

Airlift Northwest
(888) 835-1599

Island Air Ambulance
(360) 378-2376

LifeFlight Network
(800) 982-9299

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