Medical Program Director


Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan, MD, FACEP is a graduate of the University of Washington and the Chicago Medical School. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Sullivan has held academic positions in emergency medicine and surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He has served as attending physician at St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham, and regional medical director of Northwest Emergency Physicians in Seattle, among many other appointments.

Dr. Sullivan’s EMS and fire department experience began in Pittsburgh and continued in Bellingham and Orcas Island. He has served as a firefighter, EMS instructor, and Fire Commissioner. Dr. Sullivan has been OIFR’s Medical Program Director since 2006, and also currently serves as Island Air Ambulance Medical Director.

In 2008, Orcas Island Fire & Rescue presented Dr. Sullivan with the Most Inspirational Member Award.

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