1. Our Mission
    Our Mission
    To provide the highest level of protection to life and property, and promote community safety through the extension of fire prevention, fire suppression, medical rescue and public education services, consistent with the prudent utilization of public funds.
  2. Our Goals
    Our Goals
    - To be a resource for the latest fire and medical safety information, to keep our community safe. - To pursue excellence in all we do, through continuous training and education. - To proudly serve the people of Orcas Island, Washington.
  3. Our Lifestyle
    Our Lifestyle
    We provide 24-hour emergency fire prevention and suppression, along with emergency medical services (advanced life support) to the entire Orcas Island community.
    We started a new Recruit Academy on Thursday July 09 with 12 members of our community taking the initial step in becoming a volunteer responder with OIFR. These dedicated individuals will be taking a five-week course (40hrs.) preparing them as responders for Fire, EMS or in some cases, both emergencies. This program allows new members to bridge the gap between their needed 200 hours (approx.) of education in either Fire or EMS—usually taught alternating years--before being a fully vested responder with OIFR.  Once the five-week course is completed, these individuals will be responding and training alongside veteran members to build experience and understanding of the role they have chosen to fulfill within our community.  Graduation on Saturday July 25 @12:00 Station 21.
Chief Mik             
Chief's Report
Weekly Update
This week’s update is to let you know that as much as we would like to, we “CANNOT” lift the Burn Ban at this time. This decision based on the lack of moisture in the under lying vegetation on our islands. In fact, even with the welcomed rain, the moisture content of the fuels have gotten one percent dryer.  We are in regular contact with Bob Lowe our Fire Marshal and will advise you on our website or through our local publications as soon as the Burn Ban is lifted.
Thank you for your unwavering support for the Burn Ban as we have not had any major incidents, and only one minor one since it has gone in to effect on June 22.  
Your Fire Chief
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