1. Our Mission
    Our Mission
    To provide the highest level of protection to life and property, and promote community safety through the extension of fire prevention, fire suppression, medical rescue and public education services, consistent with the prudent utilization of public funds.
  2. Our Goals
    Our Goals
    - To be a resource for the latest fire and medical safety information, to keep our community safe. - To pursue excellence in all we do, through continuous training and education. - To proudly serve the people of Orcas Island, Washington.
  3. Our Lifestyle
    Our Lifestyle
    We provide 24-hour emergency fire prevention and suppression, along with emergency medical services (advanced life support) to the entire Orcas Island community.
   To our community:   
As we move in to Fall the weather is getting cooler and our heating appliances are being put back into service in our homes. This affords us a good opportunity to check or install alarms--smoke and Carbon Monoxide-- get our chimneys swept and inspected to reduce the risk of chimney fires—8 to 12 per year--and ensure proper exhaust of the products of combustion from our homes.
                                                                                                                                             Chief Mikos P. Preysz             
Chief's Report
Weekly Update
In the interest of conserving materials and costs, Orcas Island Fire and Rescue is reducing the amount of printing they do in preparation for Board of Fire Commissioners meetings. All materials will now be posted online at www.orcasfire.org prior to the meeting beginning. Materials also may be obtained by the public by emailing info@orcasfire.org or by calling us prior to the meeting. This amendment to the way we conduct meetings is to reduce the amount of waste generated, personnel time required, and cost of materials utilized when printing materials for an unknown number of attendees. By utilizing the website, emailing info@orcasfire.org , or calling the station at 360-376-2331 prior to the Board of Fire Commissioners meeting commencing, citizens and Orcas Fire members can have access to printed copies of only what they desire and refrain from copies of documents being printed that will not be utilized.
Thank you for your support
Your Fire Chief
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